After a successful career as a Federal Employee that included over twenty                                                                                  years in safety and occupational health I started writing part-time. My                                                                                        published work includes the peer-reviewed book Basic Safety                                                                                                        Adminstration - Handbook for the New Safety Specialist in its  second                                                                                        second edition. I also authored two editions of the peer-reviewed chapter                                                                                  Safety Training and Documentation Principles published in the bestselling                                                                                Safety Professional Handbook and the Safety Professional Handbook                                                                                            Management Applications, both edited by Joel Haight, Ph.D., CSP. I                                                                                              co-authored the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training with Christine                                                                                      Fiori, Ph.D., PE, published in the bestselling Construction Safety                                                                                                  Management and Engineering, second edition edited by Darryl C. Hill,                                                                                        Ph.D., CSP. The American Society of Safety Professionals traditionally                                                                                          published my book and chapters.

I self-published another eleven books using Kindle Direct Publishing. Seven of these books are available in paperback and Kindle formats. Four of those books are available only in Kindle format. I have authored over fifty articles in various publications on safety and occupational health and project management. I have earned several writing awards for my non-fiction work and one for my fiction work. I have self-published two novels, A Walk Among the Dead and my most recent Mystery at Devil’s Elbow.

I am an Emeritus Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Professionals. I was selected as the Safety Professional of the Year for the Northern Virginia Chapter of this Society. I am also a member of the Non-Fiction Writers Association. I held the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation for ten years. I also earned master's degrees from National-Louis University and Webster University.